3 Awesome Core Exercises: Part 2

About a month ago, I made a post showing 3 Awesome Core Exercises that got some very good feedback. People really seem to like the core training stuff a lot, so being the nice guy I am, I’m giving the people what they want—more. Now I know the reason people like the core stuff so much is that they want to see their abs and look better naked. I get that. I’ve said it before though and I’ll say it again now, getting that coveted 6-pack is going to come down to diet more so than any crazy ab exercises. [...]


Exercise of the Week: Goblet Front Foot Elevated Split Squats

Today’s Exercise of the Week is Goblet Front Foot Elevated Split Squats. Yea, that’s a mouthful—great exercise though. I got the idea to try this after reading a blog post from Lou Shuler. If you have followed my blog for awhile, you know that I am a big fan of elevating the front leg for single leg work. I outlined my reasoning in a past blog post called Reasons To Go Deep. In the time since that post, I have been experimenting with doing other exercises from a deficit (see this and this) and playing around with different ways to [...]


5 Awesome Inverted Row Variations: Part 3

I have received quite a bit of positive feedback about Part 1 and Part 2 of my series on inverted rows, so I thought I would continue on and provide a few more variations for you to put in your toolbox. If you couldn’t tell, I really like this exercise, and the more I play around with it, the more I am realizing that it can be tweaked to serve many different needs and goals. I like it so much for several reasons. One, it is very low-back friendly. Most free-weight rowing variations put considerable stress on the lower back. [...]


Good Reads for the Week

So it’s Monday, but not just any Monday. It’s National Championship Monday. If you are a college football fan like I am, it might as well be a national holiday. I can’t wait for the game and it just can’t come soon enough. Fear not, for today it’s also Good Reads (cue the music). That means you now have a ton of great articles to sift through while you wait for the game to start. If you aren’t a college football fan, well, I pity you and question you as a person, but in any case, you will also enjoy [...]


Week in Review: Some Training Updates and Things You May Have Missed

With this week coming to an end, I thought I would quickly recap the last week in the blog and give a little training update since some people expressed interest in me discussing my own training a bit more. First, here are some things you may have missed.1) I joined Twitter. Please “follow me” HERE. All the cool kids are doing it. 2) Good Reads for the Week (Almost 50 awesome articles from last week)3) Exercise of the Week: Seated L-Sit Chinups (With video)4) Review of the Vibrams FiveFingers compared to the Nike Frees5) For Your Viewing Pleasure (35 awesome [...]


For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 13

Yet another awesome week of videos. It looks like people are starting off the New Year with a bang. Before I introduce the list, I just want to remind you to be sure to follow me on Twitter HERE and also subscribe to my You Tube channel HERE to stay updated with my latest posts and videos. I have been filming a lot of stuff recently but I am way behind getting it all posted here in my blog so please bear with me on that. I prefer to keep my own videos out of these posts since the list [...]


Review of the Vibrams FiveFingers and Nike Frees for Gym Use

About three months ago, I was given a pair of the Vibram FiveFingers to try out and review. I got the KSO model, all black, size 42. The same day they came in the mail, I also received a pair of Nike Frees Run+, white/black, size 9.5. Two pairs of shoes in one day? I know I know, it makes me sound like a woman. In my defense, the Vibrams were free (kind of ironic that I got the Vibrams free and paid for the Frees), and before that it had been over two years since I bought a pair [...]


Exercise of the Week: Seated L-Sit Ring Chinups

Today’s Exercise of the Week is one of my personal favorites: seated l-sit ring chin-ups. To perform this movement, set the rings (or blast straps, TRX, etc.) so that when you are seated on the floor, you can barely reach them with your arms fully extended. This will allow full extension on every rep without your butt hitting the floor. Next, extend your legs out in front of you and dorsiflex your ankles (point toes up). From there, maintain that body position and perform chin-ups as you normally would, making sure not to let your butt, feet, or legs touch [...]


Good Reads for the Week

So it has only been 5 days since the last Good Reads post, but I wanted to get one up today because 1) I am trying to create some sort of structure with Good Reads at the beginning of the week and For Your Viewing Pleasure at the end of the week, and 2) the list is getting really long already and I wanted to post what I have now before it becomes unmanageable for you to read. This is an especially good week for learning because, in addition to the almost 50 links I have provided you with, many [...]


Monday Mélange: Checking In

After the last week of holiday festivities, I can imagine a lot of you are suffering from a severe case of the “Mondays” as you go back to the grind. Fear not: I thought I would use this time to make a couple of random announcements for you to check out while you put off working. Here it goes. 1. Twitter. After some prodding from Bret Contreras, I decided to start a Twitter account. You can “follow” me HERE. I never thought this day would come. It’s funny because I have been vehemently opposed to joining for awhile, but to [...]