Good Reads for the Week

With the Patriots now out of the running, I’ve officially lost interest in the playoffs, hence why I’m making this post now. I’m still watching with one eye, but I really don’t care who wins. I’ve already started looking forward to next season. Anywho, we’ve got another great compilation of articles and podcast from the past week so get comfy and get ready to get your learn on. This should keep you busy for awhile…

Before I get to the list, here are a few things to check out in case you missed them during the week.

For Your Viewing Pleasure

4 Awesome Pushup Variations

Exercise of the Week: Plank Sled Drags

Ok, now for the list. It’s a doozy.

Jason Ferruggia’s top 15 posts of 2010

What’s the REAL Key to Progress? by Tony Gentilcore

Fat Loss Made Simple by Mark Young

It’s All About the Glutes by Stevo Reed

So You Think You Can Squat Part 1 and 2 by Matt Wenning

Bret Contreras interviews Rob Panariello

Training Demons by Smitty Diesel

Minimalist Training by Dan John

Great Pushup Tip from Smitty Diesel

Get More Nerve by Chad Waterbury

Training Considerations from Jeremy Frisch

7 Metabolic Finishers to Burn Fat

Muscle Gain Made Simple by Mark Young

5 Pushup Variations from Eric Cressey

6 More Pushup Variations from Eric Cressey

Nick Tumminello discuss pre-workout nutrition for men and women

Joe Defranco’s Week in Review

My Back Story by Bret Contreras

Great Links from Chris Beardsley

Tips for a Deeper Squat by Tony Gentilcore

Becoming a Stud Baseball Player: A Case Study with David Lasiner

Tissue vs. Brain by Craig Liebenson

Dean Somerset reviews 4 Hour Body

Are We Missing the Mark on Single Leg Training? by Mike Robertson

Rows Before Y’s by Sean Lacey

Notes from Building the Ultimate Back by Jeff Cubos

Bodyweight Fat Loss Circuit by Jerry Shreck

Chris Beardsley Interviews Isaac Wilkins

Authentic Assessments by Sean Lacey

The Importance of Upper and Lower Dissociation by Casey Wheel

Rich Thaw shows some cool core exercises

Roger Lawson discuss meal frequency

Genetics vs. Hard Work by Jason Colenzo

Kevin Larrabee talks about his training

4 Exercises For a Stronger Bum by Matt Skeffington

Athlete vs. Average Joe by Sean Lacey

What Works by Ray Rhoads

Low Back Reconditioning by Kevin Carr

Is There Such Thing As Too Many Vitamins? by Marco Sanchez

Runners and Resistance Training Part 1 by Stevo Reed

Upper Body Chaos Training by John Gaglione

Random Thoughts by Damon Brobst

Carb Cycling for Fat Loss by Tim Henriques

Membership Sites

Changing the Game by Anthony Morando

Coach Dos Interviews Smitty Diesel

Real Strength by Vince Gabriel


Strength Coach Podcast Episode 72

The Fitcast Episode 203

That’ll do it for this week. I hope you liked the list. Be sure to check back soon for new updates. Have a great week!