Good Reads for the Week: Special New Years Edition

Hopefully by now you are all caught up on the articles from Christmas edition of Good Reads. If not, be sure to check that out. With 2011 fast approaching, I thought it would be a good idea to have a special New Years edition as well. Between all the holiday hoopla and being away in Florida, I have not had a whole lot of time to get a list together, but there has been a ton of awesome stuff coming out this week in lieu of the New Year so I wanted to do my best to put something good together for you.

Before I start in with the list, I want to remind you to check out the new Exercise of the Week if you have not done so already. While you are it, be sure to subscribe to my You Tube page as well. I have a bunch of videos to upload soon so you don’t want to miss those.

Ok, the list. I’ll start by introducing two new blogs.

1. Bret Contreras. This isn’t a new blog really, but Bret just transferred his blog over to a new website, which you can check out here. You will notice at the top of the screen that you can sign up for a free newsletter, which includes a free 17 page report about glute training. I just signed up and it is some great stuff.

2. Jim Kielbaso. Jim has started a new blog on his Ultimate Strength and Conditioning website (it’s free). I just read his first post/article called “How Strong is Strong Enough?” and if it is any indication of things to come, it is going to be one heck of a blog.

Now for the rest of the articles. Since the theme of this week is obviously the New Year, I will put all New Years related stuff in the beginning before everything else.

All things New Years…

Diesel Crew’s best articles of 2010

Eric Cressey’s best articles of 2010

Tony Gentilcore’s best articles of 2010

Mike Robertson’s top ten posts of 2010

Joe Hashey’s 15 best articles of 2010

Eric Cressey’s best videos of 2010

Tony Gentilcore’s lists of 2010. This is probably my favorite.

Goal Solutions, Not Resolutions by Kevin Carr

Eric Cressey’s best “Features” of 2010

Mike Robertson’s training goals for 2011

12 Posts of Christmas by Jeff Cubos

Making 2011 Great by Justin Levine

Eric Cressey’s best product reviews of 2010

The Best of the Rest…

Blood and Chalk Volume 8 by Jim Wendler

Last Chance to Enter the FREE Giveaway at Strength Coach Podcast

10 Stupid Things Coaches Do by Bret Contreras

Knee Pain For No Reason by Charlie Weingroff

So You Ate Too Much…Now What? by Dean Somerset

Obesity and the Fitness Professional by Mark Young

The Science of Motor Unit Recruitment Part 3 by Chad Waterbury

5 Exercises You Should Stop Doing Forever by Dr. Clay Hyght

Smitty explains the “double breath”

The Goal Snowball by Alwyn Cosgrove

Knowledge: Use It or Lose It by John Izzo

Favorable Certifications by Charlie Weingroff

Chris Beardsley talks about the importance of communication

My Christmas Wish 2010 by Mark Young

How to Write for a Living by Nate Green

Repetitive Strain Injuries in Non-Contact Sports by Jeff Cubos

Josh Henkin interviews Jeannie Bassi and Jody Morgan

Joe Hashey explains the Max Effort Method

Josh Henkin interviews Ed Williams

2 Sample Deload Workouts from Nick Tumminello

10 Reasons by Young Athletes are Easier to Train Than Adults by John Izzo

Ordinary Muscle featuring Ted Toalston

The Other 23 Hours: Sleep by Keats Snideman

12 Weeks to a Better Deadlift by Tim Henriques

Exercise and Depression by Chris Vaughn

7 Bench Press Variations by Jaime Rodriguez

Random Concepts to Make You Feel Awesome by Dean Somerset

The Need to Deload by Damon Brobst

What is Strength? by Dale Buchanan

Movement Matters by Patrick Ward

Brendon Rearick gives an inspirational video

Dorian Yates Appreciation by Chris Beardsley

Membership Sites

Coach Dos breaks down the plutonium pushup

Stop Worrying about the Minutia — Weak Athlete Syndrome by Shelby Turcotte

That’s a wrap for this week. I hope you enjoyed it. Please pass this on for others to see.

Have a Happy New Year!