Good Articles and Videos for the Week: Special Christmas Edition

This will be my last post of the week because I am heading out of town later today and will not have internet access. Since I just recently posted a whole bunch of videos on Friday and a lot of Good Reads on Sunday, I originally figured I would hold off this week because between work and getting ready to leave, I have been really busy, and it is a short week so I was skeptical how much god content I would be pull together anyway. The more I thought about it, however, the more I felt like I wanted to leave you with some good material to chew on the rest of the week. It just wouldn’t be right to leave you hanging like that, and on Christmas no less. After all, Christmas is a time of giving right? As such, I decided to combine my usual For Your Viewing Pleasure and Good Reads into one mammoth post this week to give you a whole ton of awesomeness to explore over the holiday week. Consider this my Christmas gift to you all, thanking you for all your support over the past five months.

Plan to give it some time because there is a plethora of great stuff here. I’ll start with good articles from the past week (past four days really) and end with a bunch of good videos. Sit back in your most comfortable chair and getcha popcorn ready.

I’m going to start off the article section with my own blog posts from the past week. I posted a lot of stuff in a short period of time, and when this happens, some posts inevitably get missed. Be sure to check out anything you may have overlooked earlier in the week.

Exercise(s) of the Week

Random Thoughts and Quick Hits

3 Awesome Core Exercises

5 Awesome Inverted Row Variations

Now on to the rest of the articles. Again, I just want to be clear that I don’t necessarily agree with everything I post here, but I do think there is value in reading it.

The Road to the Top by Mike Boyle

Strong Mind, Stronger Body by Joe Defranco

The Science of Motor Unit Recruitment Part 1 by Chad Waterbury

The Science of Motor Unit Recruitment Part 2 by Chad Waterbury

Mike Boyle’s Top 10 Articles by Chris Beardsley

What is Elite? by Dan John

Rule Number One: Do What Works by Bret Contreras

3 Quick and Easy Ways to Improve Your Dynamic Warmup by Nick Tumminello

The Cause of Weight Gain by Mark Young

A Little Tough Love from Mark Rippetoe by Tony Gentilcore

Goals for 2011 by Mike Robertson

10 Fatal Flaws of Fitness Professionals by Joe Giandonato

David Lasiner Interviews Bret Contreras

The Truth About Stevia by Cassandra Forsythe-Pribanic

Preventing Shoulder Issues by Kevin Neeld

Shoulder Traction by Charlie Weingroff

Random Concepts to Make You Feel Awesome by Dean Somerset

Random Thoughts by Tony Gentilcore

Movement Matters by Patrick Ward

Joe Hashey’s 15 Best Articles of 2010

You Tube Videos by Bret Contreras

6 Tips to Dominate Holiday Nutrition by Kevin Larrabee

A Couple Cool Core Exercises by Kevin Carr

Why Situps Aren’t Going to Kill You by Dean Somerset

Medicine Ball Side Throw Progressions by Brendon Rearick

Random Thoughts from Eric Cressey

Using Visuals to Understand Poor Posture by John Izzo

Cedric Unholz interviews Sean Waxman

Considerations for Training Females by Jason Nunn

4 Exercises Most People Perform Incorrectly by Molly Galbraith

So You Want to be a Strength Coach by Robbie Bourke

Your Christmas Shopping List Made Easy by Dean Somerset

Weight Loss, Part 1 by Lou Shuler

Weight Loss, Part 2 by Lou Shuler

Weight Loss Part 3 by Lou Shuler

Articles from Membership Sites

Robert Dos Remedios interviews Mike Boyle

College Basketball Strength and Conditioning Revisited by Sean Hayes

Designing Excel Programs by Mike Boyle

That’ll do it for the articles. Now let’s check out the videos.

Andrei Malanichev squats 450 kg to set a new RAW world record. According to my math, that translates to about 990 pounds. Holy moly that’s a lot of weight.

Pat Mendes does a 207kg snatch. That’s 456 lbs, and that’s an unofficial junior world record. This kid is only 20 years old. It’s scary to think about, but this might just be the tip of the iceberg for him. Yikes.

Tom Mutaffis does the Crossfit “Bear Complex” with 300 lbs. I am not familiar with this complex, but judging from the video I think the “Bear Complex” consists of a power clean to a front squat to a military press to a back squat to a behind the behind the neck press— all with the same weight. At the end Tom even throws in a 625 deadlift from a deficit. That is some bigtime strength.

Jim Bathhurst does tiger bend pushups. Jim is perhaps best known for his “Beast Skills” tutorials, which I love. His videos are always awesome, and this is no exception. He has amazing strength and body control.

Steve Cotter does a jerk with 4 16kg kettlebells. This is unreal. I could make an entire video post just using his stuff. It is that good. Just when I think I have seen it all from him, he goes and does something like this.

Wildauer Martin deadlifts 880 pounds at 20 years old. Pure brute strength from this kid. I will be curious to see how far he progresses in the next few years. His potential is limitless.

Jen Comas Keck bangs out some sumo deadlifts. Here Jen busts out some impressive deadlifts with nice form. Ladies out there…want to know how to get that nice body you’ve always wanted? Do this?

Michael Keck films a heavy back workout. Here Mike busts out some heavy dumbell rows from a dead stop, as well as some big deadlifts. Doing the rows from a dead stop makes them significantly harder, which makes Mike’s work all the more impressive. Most people would be spent after that, but Mike knocks out some deadlifts for reps. Just another day in the office…

51 year-old man does muscle ups. This is pretty darn impressive if you ask me. Age is just a number.

James “Smitty Diesel” Smith gives a great tip for better squatting technique. Smitty is doing a multi-part video series giving different form cues. This tip concerns “setting the lower back.”

Tim Collins does barbell glute bridges with 545 at Cressey Performance. Tom is a major league baseball prospect with the Kansas City Royals and this guy is seriously strong. He also throws 94 mph. I guess he disproves all the people that think lifting weights will impede their throwing performance.

Fat Gripz promo video with Colt Coletti. Here Colt Coletti gets crazy with the Fat Gripz. This guy is an absolute beast. I just came across his stuff a few weeks ago but his channel has quickly become one of my favorites.

Bret Contreras demonstrates the low to high rotary press. This is a great core exercise to work on rotational strength that also works just about every other muscle in the body at the same time. I think this would be particularly useful for athletes involved in rotational sports, but really anyone could benefit from it.

Jen Comas hits a PR on the bench press. Here Jen hits 145 off a 2 board and 150 off a 3 board. Looks like all her practice is paying off.

Joe Hashey does an awesome gift giveaway. Joe has truly gotten in the Christmas spirit of giving and is giving away a lot of free stuff. This video shows you how to collect. Very generous on Joe’s part.

Martin Rooney shows advanced rope climbing tenchniques. It seems like every week I post a new Martin Rooney video showing cool exercise variations from different places across the globe. I almost feel like a broken record. Anyway, here’s another great one.

Josh Henkin shows how to perform tire flips. This is an exercise that I see butchered a lot so this tutorial should show you how to do it properly.

Jeremy Frisch shows his client doing star jumps. This is a great drill to build explosive power.

Neghar Fonooni does a “bottoms up” turkish getup. Holding the kettlebell upside down is extemely difficult, though you wouldn’t kow it watching Neghar. She makes it look easy, and this is only her second try with this exercise. Very impressive.

Nick Tumminello shows the proper head position for the kettlebell swing.

Tim Henriques knocks out 113 pushups in one shot. Here Tim demonstrates some incredible strength endurance. Very impressive.

Jack Lalanne does fingertip pushups. I love watching these older videos to see the people that really started innovating and setting the stage for the things we do that. This is a tremendous display of strength and is even more impressive when you consider he was one of the first people doing it.

Joel Gunterman does the flying squirrel. This is just nuts. Get it? Squirrel, nuts. Ok, not funny. But really, this video is nuts.

Steve Maxwell does 1 arm/1 leg pushups. Here Steve displays some extreme upper body strength and core stability.

Jaime Rodriguez does a cool pushup variation using the Valslides. This looks like it could be great as part of a circuit for added metabolic work that also works the core heavily.

Coach Dos puts his soccer girls through a brutal bodyweight complex circuit. I really like watching the conditioning circuits that Coach Dos comes up with for his athletes because they are always creative and always brutal. He manages to make it work with massive groups too, which is no easy task.

Dave Rak does a fast-paced metabolic circuit. Dave is really good at thinking up brief little circuits to work on conditioning and keep it fun. I was breathing hard just watching this one.

Zach Even Esh reviews Tim Ferriss’ new book The Four Hour Body. I really wanted to read this book, and I want to read it even more after watching this video.

Interview with JC Santana. There is a lot of great stuff here.

Parrot Sings “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor” by Disturbed. I really like listening to this song when I am in the gym. I think I like it better when the band sings it though. Still, you have to be impressed by a singing bird. Polly want a cracker?

Boot to the Skull. Anthony Pettis kicks Ben Henderson is the face. This is one of the craziest kicks I’ve ever seen. All I can think of is Chris Tucker from Tucker saying “you just knocked the f%*k out.”

Laugh Your Way to a Six Pack. Here is another reason to turn that frown upside down. Or not.

That’s all folks. I hope you enjoyed it. This should definitely keep you busy for the rest of the week. Please pass this along for others to see as well.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday week!