For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 8

Yet another great week of videos. It is getting to the point where I am going to have to be more judicious in my selection just so the list isn’t too long. I guess that’s a good problem to have and I’d rather that than not have enough good stuff to choose from. Hopefully you will like what I chose this week. Sit back and getcha popcorn ready.

Origins of Weightlifting. Like the title says, this is a very cool history of the roots of weightlifting. I am really interested in history because it is cool to see how things evolve and progress over time. I may be a geek, but I found this video absolutely fascinating. It’s long, but definitely worth watching.

Jason Ferrugia’s female client does 17 chinups with great form. Pretty self-explanatory, but this is awesome. I decided to start off the videos with ladies first. I have good manners.

Charles Poloquin shows a female client doing heavy paused front squats with perfect form. I like this video for a couple reasons. One, it is yet another example of a woman lifting heavy weights with great form and still looking very feminine. Second, pause squats are a great technique for improving strength out of the hole since it eliminates the stretch reflex. This is a very difficult technique and will require you to drop the weight quite a bit. The fact that this woman is doing them with such heavy weight and making it look easy is just a testament to her strength.

Jen Comas films her bench session. I have included several of Jen’s bench sessions, but I have a point for doing it. If you notice, she continues to increase her weights and get stronger each week. She films her lift, gets feedback, and repeats the process over and over again. See, the key to getting stronger, above all else, is consistency. It may seem boring, but that’s what it takes. Practice, practice, practice. Jen is a great of example of someone who follows the right path to success, so it is not surprising to see her get results.

Smitty Diesel does weighted dragonflies. This is a brutal core exercise that works the heck out of the core. Watching this reminded me of Sylvester Stallone in Rocky, though I must say Smitty does them a little better. Yo Adrian!

Jeremy Frisch does a clean and press complex with 275 lbs. Here Jeremy makes 275 lbs look like the empty bar. This shows what happens when you combine immense power with great form. Good things happen.

Nick Tumminello demonstrates Kettlebell Pullups. This is a really cool pullup variation to work on a unique form of clenching strength. This looks really tough.

Tom Conner does Jeep pulls with the thick ropes. I just came across Tom’s videos this week, but he has a lot of great stuff. Here he demonstrates incredible grip strength by pulling a freakin Jeep with a thick rope. Yikes. I know who I’m calling if my car ever gets stuck in a snowbank.

Joe Hashey shows a plyometric pushup challenge. This looks really fun. I might have to try this sometime myself.

Clint Darden’s Home Health and Fitness Center Tour. No frills, just awesome.

Mike Guadango shows band-assisted glute-ham raises. This is a great way to ease people into glute-ham raises if they are not capable of doing them with their own bodyweight. Glute-hams are one of the best exercises out there for the posterior chain, but unfortunately, they are too difficult for many people. This simple technique opens it up to far more people.

Here Mike does “Natural GHRs” with no hand assistance. I just wanted to show that Mike does not need a band himself for glute-hams. In fact, he has some of the strongest hamstrings I think I’ve ever seen. Most people need lots of upper body assistance to complete this exercise, and even then it’s hard. Mike just powers through reps like it’s nothing. If you have tried this exercise before then you know how impressive it is. If you haven’t tried them, don’t try this at home because I promise you will fall on your face.

Guy does dumbell snatches with 120 lb dumbells like it’s nothing. Holy explosiveness.

Robert dos Remedios (aka Coach Dos) shows stadium stair wheelbarrows. This looks like an awesome drill to build conditioning, upper body strength, core stability, mental toughness, and teamwork. Plus it looks fun—beats the heck out of windsprints anyway.

Bret Contreras shows bird dogs over a bench. This is a great regression to teach the proper body positioning and remind people to keep their torso stable. Sometimes the little adjustments like this can make a huge difference.

Jeff Green does Bulgarian Deadlifts. This is a very cool spin off Bulgarian Split Squats to really focus on the posterior chain. I just came across Jeff’s channel and it is full of creative stuff.

Joe Defranco shows HASD’s (Heavy Ass Sled Drags). This video goes along with an article he wrote on improving short distance sprinting speed. Definitely worth a read. Check it out here.

Martin Rooney shows some awesome rope pull variations. Here Martin showcases yet another creative exercise variation. This looks like it would simulate rope climbs if you do not have the space to do them. Plus, you can easily modify the resistance, making it great for all ability levels.

Dave Rak does 1 arm 1 leg sled pulls. This looks like a tremendous core exercise that also can help with conditioning. Since a lot of people can’t stand doing core work or conditioning, this is a way to make it fun and kill two birds with one stone.

Jamie Sulc does a brutal sled and sandbag circuit. Here Jamie goes through a circuit with sled drags and sandbag walking lunges and good mornings. Talk about tough. This is another You Tube page that I just came across but it is looks like there is a lot of cool stuff there.

Kevin Carr does a Keiser Core Circuit. Here Kevin shows a cool way to combine core work with conditioning and does a pretty comprehensive core workout in just a few short minutes. Talk about efficiency.

Mike Keck does an upper body workout and finishes it off with some box jumps. Mike is getting back into the weights after a prolonged layoff due to a cornea surgery, but it amazing how quickly he has picked it back up. This dude is just a tank. I actually picked this video though for the box jumps at the end. Big man has got ups.

The Swole Patrol throws down at the Elitefts Compund.

Mike T Nelson shows a cool prototype for makeshift kettlebell swings. This is a neat thing to replicate kettlebell swings for people that do not have a full array of kettebells. I like this because you can easily adjust the weight and also load it much heavier than any kettelbells could go.

Crazy. I don’t really know what to call this, but “Crazy” seems appropriate. It’s crazy in the sense that this is just unbelievable body control. I have a tremendous amount of respect for people that can do this stuff. It’s also crazy because, well, in order to do some this stuff, you have to have a few screws loose.

To the basement! Guy squats 475×30 DEEP. I hope you picked on my sarcasm.

Ode to deadlifts. This is hilarious and is a perfect way to end this week’s videos.

That’s a wrap for this week. Check back next week for more great stuff. Please keep sending me links if you film something or find something that you think is worth posting. It is best to send links via Facebook. If we are not friends already, there is a link to my Facebook page on the top of this screen. Lastly, I decided not to include my own videos since there were already so many good ones, but if you want to see some of the new ones I put up from this week, you can subscribe to my You Tube page by clicking here or on the red button to the right. Thanks.