Workouts from the Week

My workouts this week were limited by my forearm, which has gotten better but is still not where it needs to be to train normally. It feels pretty good except when I grip anything hard, which greatly limits what I can do as far as upper body training. With that in mind, I did what I could this week to train around it and still managed to have a pretty good week of training. I will not list the actual workouts since it was a bit disjointed, but I will list some of the different things I was able to [...]


For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 1

I got the idea for this post from Bret Contreras' "Good Reads for the Week" blog posts that he puts out each week giving the links to different articles from across the fitness industry. I always enjoy these posts, so I thought I would do a similar thing this week, only instead of articles, I would post videos. I love watching videos. If a picture is worth a thousand words, I'd say a video might be worth 10,000. You can write out a whole long article describing something that very well might still leave the reader confused, or you can [...]


Yesterday’s change of pace workout with new video

Yesterday's workout was a change of pace. Like I mentioned in my previous post, I am dealing with a case of "forearm splints" that makes gripping anything difficult. I took a week from training and have not trained anything involving gripping for over 10 days. Yesterday I resumed lower body training, but the goal was to go lighter and not aggravate my forearm. Much of my lower body training recently has revovled around heavier rear foot elevated split squats and walking lunges with heavy dumbells and kettlebells, and obviously these would not work. Instead, I focused on one leg pistol [...]


Dealing with Injuries

This post is inspired by several recent questions I have received regarding training with injuries. In the time since I have been lifting seriously, I have undergone quite a laundry list of injuries, longer than I would like to admit. Some have been training-related, and some have just been freak things outside of the gym. Of the training-related injuries, some were just freak occurrences and others were a result of stupid training and overuse. All of my injuries, regardless of their cause, have impacted my training to varying degrees. Oddly enough, my two biggest injuries—back surgery and knee surgery—were not [...]


Interview with Harry Selkow of Elitefts

Today’s post is an interview with Harry Selkow. I told you that I wanted to start providing you with interviews with some of the top trainers and strength coaches from around the globe, and Harry certainly fits that bill. You may know him best as a QA staff member at Elitefts, but Harry has been in the trenches training people for longer than I have been alive, working with everyone from elite athletes to weekend warriors. You can’t teach that kind of experience. Thankfully for us, he agreed to do this interview. So without further adieu, let’s meet Harry.1. Harry, [...]