For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 4

Lots of great videos this week. It is hard for me to compile this list because the whole time I am putting it together, I have to fight the urge to get up and go train. There is some seriously motivating stuff in here, as well as some great ideas for things I had never thought to try. I did not put any of my own videos in this list since it is already long enough, but if you want to check them out and subscribe to my You Tube channel, you can do so here. Thanks.

Without further ado, getcha popcorn ready!

Ross Enamait- Training Compilation. This guy has on of my favorite You Tube channels and I am always glad to see him put up a new video. He is strong as a bull and does some really unique things. Very cool.

Smitty Diesel- Extreme Hamstring Training. Here Smitty shows us decline glute-ham raises. These look absolutely brutal. Regular glute-hams are hard enough but I can imagine the constant tension that comes from being on a decline makes it even more intense. I will be trying these out for sure.

Crazy Pistol Squats. When my buddy Brendan Rearick sent me this link, I was speechless. Like the title of the video says, this is crazy. Wow.

Citadel Football Strength and Conditioning Highlights. This video is not from this week, but it was just too good to overlook. How can you not want to go train like a madman after watching this? Donnell Boucher is the strength and conditioning coach for the program and it looks like he is doing a fantastic job putting together effective and fun programs.

Jim Kielbaso shows a cool variation of the Renegade Row. I have recently become a fan of the renegade row and this looks like a cool way to make it even harder and more effective. Again, I will be trying this out myself.

Anthony Morando goes through the Keiser Functional Circuit. Anthony is a tremendous coach at MBSC. He just has that way about him that immediately garners your respect. He has reached out to me during my internship and helped me out a lot, both with the internship and with my low back issues. Anthony had the same surgery I had just one year ago and he is already back to beasting it in the gym. He is much further along than I was after a year, that’s for sure. He trains very hard and always comes up with great ideas for crazy circuits. Here is an example. You can also check out Anthony’s new blog here.

Chad Smith totals 1963 pounds in 308 lb weight class in raw powerlifting meeting. This is an unbelievably impressive total. It is even more impressive when you consider he did it raw. It is even more impressive when you consider this was his first powerlifting meet ever. It is even more impressive when you consider he is 24 years old. In a nutshell…this is impressive.

Bret Contreras- Back Extension Tutorial. Here Bret shows the technique he uses for back extensions. This seems to be a highly debated exercise, and I think a big reason for the controversy stems from the fact that people do it very differently. Some ways may be harmful to the spine, while others are completely safe. Bret shows us a safe way that works wonders for strengthening the entire posterior chain.

Joe Hashey- Glute Hamstring Thrusts. Here Joe shows a cool exercise to build up the posterior chain to help athletes get faster. It looks almost like a hybrid of a Romanian deadlift and a burpee. I imagine this could also be useful as part of a conditioning circuit.

Shelby Starnes shows a cool glute-ham variation. For people that struggle to do a “natural” glute-ham raise, this might be a useful progression. The bar here can be used on eccentric to either slow it down or increase tension, and it also provides a way to return to the top without using your hands. This way, you can apply just enough pressure without overdoing it.

Kevin Carr Goes Through a “Summer Circuit.” Watch Kevin tear through the crowded gym like a madman. He is an animal in the gym and always gives it 100% effort. He is very strong and competes in powerlifting, but unlike many other powerlifters, he has tremendous conditioning as well. Watch him showcase it here.

Martin Rooney- Kettlebell Slams. Here Martin shows us a cool exercise for developing power. This looks really fun and I bet it would be a great way to relieve some stress after a rough day.

Jaime Rodriguez performs the upper body “Cliffhanger” circuit. Here Jaime shows us a way to do a brutal circuit with minimal equipment. Jaime is great at creating circuits that people can perform even if they do not have access to the gym. Jaime is an extremely strong guy so he definitely makes this circuit look easier than it is.

Jen Comas Squats Heavy. Bikini competitor Jen Comas gets nasty in the squat rack. Who says girls can’t lift heavy and still look good?

Pat Mendes Deadlifts 727.5 lbs for 4 reps. This is another You Tube channel I love to follow. This kid is 20 years old and is definitely one of the strongest people I have ever seen. I am continually amazed by his lifts and he just keeps getting better. I can’t imagine where he will be in five years.

Donnie Thompson Squats 1300 lbs. I can’t even fathom having 1300 pounds on my back, let alone squatting it. I would snap in half. Heck, I couldn’t even come close to lifting 1300 pounds if I had a deadlift jack. This is just insane.

Charles Poloquin Teaches the Face Pull. I have always thought the face pull is a great exercise for strengthening the upper back and shoulders. Here Coach Poloquin breaks it down and shows us how to do it most effectively.

Tricksquad busts out some crazy moves. I like to end these posts with a video that isn’t necessarily a lifting video but something that showcases something athletic. I have always found this sort of thing to be very cool to watch.

That’s a wrap for this week. Check back next week for more great stuff.