Cool Alternative to Dumbell Rows

Last week I had mentioned a new rowing variation that I was playing around with using a farmer’s walk handle and promised I would get a video of it, and being a man of my word, here it is. I got the idea for this just because I am always on the lookout for ways to load one arm rows heavy because the dumbells in the gym do not go high enough to make them practical. One night I was moving the farmer’s handle to clean up the gym and got the idea to row it rather than just carry it. It felt pretty good so I included them in my next workout. So far I really like the way they feel and will definitely continue to do them in the future. It requires a ton of core stabilization to keep your balance and refrain from jerking around, and it fries your back, shoulders, grip…everything really. Even my hamstrings are glutes were sore the next day. If you like one-arm rows but don’t have heavy dumbells, I suggest you give these a shot. The added size and length of the farmer’s handle certainly adds a cool dimension. You could also use a barbell if you don’t have a farmer’s walk handle, or even one of those shorter barbells that people use for curls.