Double bodyweight pistol squat

I got a new personal best today with pistol squats, getting double my bodyweight for 2 reps. My weight is 176 lbs and I did 177×2. I used 6 weighted vests for a total of 152 lbs (I used my 65 lb vest and 5 vests that are supposed to be 20 pounds but don’t all weight the same so I put them on the scale) and 2 12.5 lb dumbells. It was funny because while it was very hard, it actually felt a little easier to balance than it did last time I did them with 60 less pounds. I think part of this is feeling more comfortable with the motion, but I think the added weight actually helps to stabilize in some way. These felt good, though I think I will be better served lightening up the weights and doing higher reps in the future. I was just having fun today seeing what I could get.

I have been working on this exercise quite in a bit in the last several weeks since starting my internship. It is a nice way to load the legs without putting excessive pressure on the spine, which is something I’m always looking for given my history of back issues. At some point in the near future I plan on writing a post about single leg training and my thoughts on the benefits. Stay tuned.