Looking for a laugh? Give this a read.

Posted on by Ben Bruno

While most of my writing is usually actionable training articles, I switched it up and wrote a fun humor piece for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s website that was published yesterday.

It’s a spin off Jeff Foxworthy’s You Might Be a Redneck, only with a weightlifter kick: You Know You’re a Meathead When.

It’s not meant to be taken too seriously, it’s just meant to give you some laughs. I bet if you’re a serious weightlifter that you can relate to a lot of it.

The article has over 8,000 Facebook likes in under a day, so it seems that people are really enjoying it, which makes me happy since that was the goal. I hope you enjoy it, too.

You can find it here:


What are your favorites? What can you relate to most? Let me know!

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  • Chris

    Hey Ben,

    I thought that was pretty funny and a great change of pace. Loved 3 in a row

    16. Your close friends start to question if you might be developing Tourettes because you randomly start blurting out “Yea buddy” and “Light Weight Baby” during normal daily activities.

    17. You need a calculator for even the most basic math problems but can instantly tell someone the weight on bar with a single glance no matter how heavy it is.

    18. When you go to a new gym to inquire about joining, you don’t ask about the price but rather how heavy the dumbbells go and whether or not you can use chalk.