Moving Time: Goodbye and Hello!

Posted on by Ben Bruno

As I post this blog. I’m on the train down to New York City to go to a wedding for two of my best friends on Sunday.

From there, I leave bright and early on Monday morning and fly from NYC to Los Angeles, where I’ll be starting my new job at Rise Movement on Tuesday.

This morning I put my car on a truck to be shipped to LA, so assuming it doesn’t fall off the back of the bed, I’ll have that by the end of next week.

Judging from the looks of things though, that’s a big “if.” Fingers crossed!

On Friday I said goodbye to my grandmother, which was really tough to do. We are really close and I see her at least once a week, so I’m really going to miss her and miss that time together.

Last night I went out for dinner with my mom, and we said our goodbyes today as she dropped me off at the train, and that was really, really hard as well. I’m not ashamed at all to say that I’m a momma’s boy, and it just so happens that she doubles as my best friend, so it’s going to be hard being across the country.

I may or may not have cried saying goodbye to both of them. Ok, I did, but I’d lie about it under oath.

On Wednesday I also said goodbye to Steve Bunker (affectionately known as Bunk), who has been a mentor to me as a coach, my friend, my lifting partner, and really, he’s pretty much been like a dad to me for the past three years. I’ve spent more time with him in the last three years than anyone else, and I’m really going to miss him too.

Here’s Bunk in all his glory. I’ll blow this one up a little bit.

Sorry ladies, he’s taken. I probably would’ve cried saying goodbye to him too, but he’d have slapped me and told me to man up. We did hug it out though.

I’m going to miss everyone from MBSC a lot. It’s been great to learn from Mike Boyle himself, and Bob Hansen and his wife Diane have been very supportive of me. Really it’s been a great experience all around, and I’m leaving with a lot of fond memories and a lot of great lessons learned. I’ve grown really close to the kids I train and my personal training clients, so again, it’s been tough to say goodbye.

For my friends, family, co-workers, and clients reading this on the East Coast, I just want to say thank you and ask you to please stay in touch, and I’ll do the same.

As tough as it is to leave, I can’t wait to get started at my new job at Rise Movement. It’s a great gym in a great area, and the people working there are all super nice, friendly, and smart. It’s really a top-notch facility, and I’m very excited to start. I think it’s going to be a great experience. Big things coming!

I went out last week to find a place, so that’ll make the transition easier with that out of the way. I have a sweet view from my apartment, so that’s cool too.

I can tell it’s going to be an adjustment moving from New England to Los Angeles, but I’m excited to check it out and see a new part of the country and meet new people and new clients. So far I really like it.

A lot of people have asked me if I’m nervous about packing up and moving across the country by myself.

Hell yea I’m nervous! But I also know that if you never push yourself beyond your comfort zone and stay complacent where you’re at, you’ll never achieve big things in life. So off I go.

For those of reading this in LA area, hit me up. I love meeting new people.

And if you’re in the area and looking to train with me, hit me up too!

For the rest of you, I’m going to do my best to just my blog updated as I start this next new chapter of my life. I’m also going to keep up with the articles and hope to continue with the videos as well. Actually, I was just going through my computer and found over 25 videos I still need to upload, so don’t worry about that.

I’ll be taking pictures too, which you can follow HERE.

Have a great weekend!


  • Mike Samuels

    good luck ben!

  • wickets

    Good luck…. Also I’m sure in Feb you’ll be loving not being anywhere snow!!!

  • Jake

    Ben, any chance you’ve ever considered some “tutorial” type videos where you’re actually speaking into the camera? Or perhaps a “Vlog” type video to show the new place/gym? Good luck!

  • missmoss

    The beach, mountains and sun will be great distractions for you! welcome to the hood, my friend. =)

  • spɹnɯ ʎʇ

    Good luck Ben! Are you living in the same apartment complex as Jason, Chad and Pavel?

  • Gary Heshiki

    Been a long time reader, your blog and youtube are some of the best resources for me as a trainer. Especially when it comes to alternative choices for exercises like your landmine work and squat variations. Welcome to LA!