Great Educational Resource

Posted on by Ben Bruno

Yesterday I shared three videos from Martin Rooney that served as a lead up to his new online certification course.

Today marks the first day to sign up for the course, so if you liked what you saw in the videos, it’s definitely something to consider signing up for.

If you missed the videos yesterday, you can still see everything that’s covered in the course on the sales page.

Teaser: It covers A LOT of stuff. Like, a lot.

It’s 12 modules in all, and each module is very extensive on its own.

It’s technically a “certification,” but I’d consider it more of an education tool. There’s a test you can take at the end of the course to get the perks of being certified—but even if that’s not something you necessarily care about—it’s still great information. I think it would be a great resource for both trainers and exercise enthusiasts looking to take their training up a notch. It’s not cheap, but considering everything it includes I’d say it’s a very good value and you will definitely learn a lot.

It’s also a great option if you’ve been interested in taking one of Martin’s in-person weekend courses but can’t afford to travel and/or take time off from work.

Registration is open starting today and closes next Wednesday, October 2nd, so if you’re interested you’ll want to sign up soon.

Check it out and see if it’s something you’d be interested in. You can learn more HERE.

  • Mike Grosso

    Hi Ben
    I love your training articles, you have a good practical approach.
    I have been training for the past 45 years, weights, bodyweight and conditioning.
    I studied human anatomy and exercise physiology back in the seventies but never finished my degree, instead I went into the gym business and opened the first bodybuilding gym in Connecticut. I also worked in a clinical environment rehabbing professional and amateur athletes so I have a good understanding on body mechanics, but I love to keep learning new stuff and yours is some of the best out there.
    Now that I have bored you with that I would like your thoughts on a situation of my own.
    My whole training life I have never been able to squat without lower thoracic and SI pain. But I can deadlift with no problem. Half my workout is mobility work and I have good mobility. So I replace with single leg work.
    In your opinion what do you like better single leg squats/pistols or RFESS which I know you advocate both. I like them both but I know some advocate that the RFESS can put to much stress and possibly lead to groin issues.
    Would appreciate your thoughts.
    Thanks Mike