• Danny

    Great article, Ben! Tried out a few of these today. What kind of shoes are you wearing in the video of the deficit deadlifts? I’ve been thinking of getting a pair of proper lifting shoes for a while and not being able to do the deficit deadlifts due to my bum left ankle was the last straw.

    • Ben Bruno

      Hi Danny, they are Adidas weightlifting shoes. I’m not sure the model. I’ve had them for about 7 years so I think they’ve probably upgraded them by now. They’re great though.

  • Mark Schoonmaker

    So I tried the 1.5 reps on the trap bar, but because I didn’t pay enough attention when reading the article, my .5 rep was the top half of the movement instead of the bottom. Quads were on fire. Is there a reason why the bottom would be better than the top for the .5 rep?

    • Ben Bruno

      Mark- Glad you liked them! You could certainly do the top half instead of the bottom half. There’s no “right” way. Glad you liked them! I’ll try the top half ones myself!