Complexes Made Simple

Posted on by Ben Bruno

I had a new article go up on T-Nation yesterday that discusses 10 principles for designing complexes and shares four great sample complexes for you to try.

I think/hope you’re like it.

You can read the article HERE.

The picture is completely unrelated to my article, but my buddy texted it to me yesterday and I thought it was funny 🙂


  • Bob

    Ben, great article. My question is when in the training week to include complexes. Say I’m doing westside for skinny bastards, for example. When would I work in complexes?

    • Colin

      No need for any more work if you’re doing W4SB unless you want to remain skinny….

  • Van

    Ben, I’m very interested in using complexes in my workout. How would you suggest incorporating it?

    – As a stand-alone program? How many times per wk.? How many rounds?
    – As a supplement to an existing program? How many rounds?