Great Rollout Progression: 1 Leg Slideouts

Posted on by Ben Bruno

I hope everyone had a good weekend and enjoyed the Super Bowl. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t still a little salty that the Patriots weren’t playing, but I must say it was a good game and I enjoyed watching it…especially the halftime show. Wow.

Anyway, today I want to share a nice core exercise that I’ve been using a little bit in my training: 1 Leg Slideouts.

Here it is in action.

This is a great advanced core exercise that serves as a good progression from ab wheel rollouts. While rollouts focus more on the anterior core and train the core via anti-extension, this adds a unique challenge for the rotary core and trains anti-rotation too.

I’m in that rollout “no man’s land” where regular kneeling rollouts are too easy, but I’m not a huge fan of standing rollouts because I tend to feel them too much in lower back and shoulders, so this single leg version is a good happy-medium. They’re much harder than regular kneeling rollouts, but not as hard as standing rollouts (and with much less of an upper body emphasis).

Normally using sliders is harder than using an ab wheel, but with this variation I find it actually makes it a slight bit easier because you can space your hands out more for a wider base. An ab wheel works fine too though.

These are a lot harder than they might look so make sure you’ve mastered regular rollouts before giving them a go. The nice thing about them is that they’re much more self-limiting than regular rollouts. With regular rollouts it’s easy to roll out further than you’re capable of controlling with your core, which can put your lower back at risk. With these though, the anti-rotational component makes it such that you really can’t go out further than you’re capable of handling because you’ll lose your balance.

You can also do something similar with one leg as opposed to one arm, but again, that’s more than I can handle so I’m not at that point. If you’re into learning that, look into Ross Enamait’s website, as he’s a rollout whiz.

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  • Joel Snape

    Nice piece Ben. I agree about the no-man’s land thing: I find high-rep kneeling rollouts really easy/boring, but standing ones are almost like a circus trick – I can do 5 sets of 3, but all it does is wreck me. Another nice halfway house is weighted vest/weight plate variations: check out this video of Konstantinov doing them:

    • Ben Bruno

      Yep, weighted rollouts are great too and I do them often, but they have a much bigger upper body component so you have to take that into account. For example, I wouldn’t pair heavily weight rollouts with an upper body press and pull as it will fatigue the shoulders too much. Good exercise though for sure.