Good Reads For the Week: 1/12/2013

Posted on by Ben Bruno

Sorry I’ve been slacking on the blog a little as of late. It’s been really bust at work and when that happens, blogging is one of the things to take a backseat.

I’ve got a great compilation of training articles for you this week though, so fear not.

Here’s a blog you may’ve missed on Monday.

Excellent Learning Resource

And here’s the best of the rest. But first, a picture of Ray Lewis in honor of today’s game.

Did you see his facemask last week? Badass.

How to Fix Glute Imbalances by Bret Contreras

Guard Your Precise Time by Rachel Cosgrove

All I Know Is Grind- Ray Lewis (from Ross Enamait)

34 Awesome Ray Lewis Quotes by Jason Ferruggia

5 Muscle Building Mistakes by Brad Schoenfeld

Cortisol and Muscle Building: Does It Even Matter? by Mike Roussell

Teaching Lat Tension in the Deadlift by Todd Bumgardner

Scapular Movement During the Pushup by Eric Cressey

Quick and Easy Ways to Feel and Move Better by Eric Cressey

The Curse of Knowledge by Mike Boyle

Common Speed Training Mistakes by Tim Morrill

50 Shades of Jay by Jason Ferruggia

Sprinting Lessons by Greg Potter

Mondays by Tony Gentilcore

What Is An “Arm Care” Program Anyway? by Tony Gentilcore

Massage and Acute Injuries: The Remodeling Phase by Patrick Ward

Building the Ultimate Male Body by Jason Maxwell

9 Reasons Why Yoga Is Good For Gym Junkies by Neghar Fonooni

Kettlebells and Deadlifts Go Together Like Vodka and Pickles by Pavel Tsatsouline

My Journey to the Kettlebell by Dr. Stuart McGill

What Is Your One Word Credo? by Jen Comas Keck

Prone Supported Rows by Smitty Diesel

How Do You Get So Much Done? by Alwyn Cosgrove

On Leadership by Alan Aragon

Glute Activation and Training Revised by Christine Beauchamp

Crimes Against Muscularity by Adam Campbell

3 Steps to Getting Your Girls to Train by Joy Victoria

Dangerous Exercises by Dan Blewett

The Importance of Dorsiflexion by Zach Long

5 Ways to Be a Better Athlete by Doug Spurling

Looking at the Hip Hinge by Josh Williams

How to Get Your Head Right For an Epic Performance by Dave Hedges

New Year’s Message to My Colleagues by Taylor Simon

Lifting Weights Necessary for Athletes? by Eirik Forlie

Tips from an 800 lb. Bencher by Joseph Orlandi

The Most Effective Way to Build Muscle by Dan Ogborn and JC Deen

My Biggest Nutrition Mistake by Nia Shanks

How to Use Finishers For Serious Results by Callie Durbrow

Dips Done Right by Joe Giandonato

And that’ll do it. Hope you enjoyed it. Let’s connect on Twitter and Facebook, k?

Have a good weekend, and enjoy the football!