Good Reads for the Week: 12/1/2012

Posted on by Ben Bruno

Happy December everyone! Time for another Good Reads.

Here’s a blog post from the other day that you might’ve missed

Total Backside Blitz

And here are some awesome reads (and listens) from the past week. Enjoy!

Our Most Important Quality? by Mike Reinold

How the Frequency Progression Works by Chad Waterbury

The Myth of Neutral Spine by Mike Robertson

Intervention by Dan John

Quick and Easy Ways to Feel and Move Better by Greg Robins

The Contreras File IV by Bret Contreras

Squat and Deadlift Technique: Why the “Knees Out” Cue Might Not be Enough by Eric Cressey

On the Prowl by Alli McKee

36 Things You May Not Know About Me by Tony Gentilcore

Strength Coach Podcast Episode 113

The Holiday Season by Ross Enamait

Neghar Fonooni’s New Website

Everybody, Never, and Always by Tony Gentilcore

Strength of Evidence Podcast, Episode 3

5 Holiday Diet Tips That Don’t Suck by Nate Miyaki

A Day “Without” Calories by Kaila Prins

The “Best” Hip Hinge Exercise by Pavel Tsatsouline

Just Make it Better Than It Currently Is by Dean Somerset

A Case For Dedicated Biceps Training by Dean Somerset

4 Weeks to Bigger, Leaner, Stronger by Ryan Munsey

Developing Requisite Competencies by Patrick Ward

20 Small Actions to Create a Fit Environment by Kellie Davis

The Problem with Most Chest Exercises by Tony Bonvechio

Sample Youth Off-Ice Training Programs by Kevin Neeld

1 Legged Squat to RDL by Tony Gentilcore

How to Do Your First Muscle Up by Eirik Forlie

10 Rowing Variations that Don’t Require Dumbbells or a Cable Column by Stevo Reed

A Man Fell Into a Hole by Alwyn Cosgrove

12 Weeks to Ridiculous Wheels by Matt Kroc

Sneaky Brownies by Kelsey Reed

The Neurophysiological Effects of a Dynamic Warmup by Jon Erik Kawamoto

What You Need to Know If by Eric Falstrault

Bodhi’s Immutable Laws by Eric Falstrault

Variations of the Shrug by Eirik Sandvik

Sets and Reps: Decide What’s Good For You by Rich Thaw

That’s all for this week. Hope you liked the list.

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Have a great weekend!