Good Reads for the Week: 12/8/2012

Posted on by Ben Bruno

Hope everyone had a good week. Time for another good reads.

I was lame this week and didn’t post any blogs, but I did have a new article come out on T-Nation.

5 Killer Trap-Bar Deadlift Variations

I also uploaded some new videos on my You Tube page, so check those out and please subscribe to my channel if you don’t already.

While this was a quiet week for me on the writing front (crazy busy at the gym), other coaches and writers picked up the slack. Enjoy!

Training Football Players by Mike Boyle

Is It Dangerous to Squeeze the Glutes During Hip Extension Exercises? by Bret Contreras

How to Front Squat by Eric Cressey

Evolution of a Passion: Part 1 by Scott Hansen

Evolution of a Passion: Part 2 by Scott Hansen

Sneak Peak of “Intervention” by Dan John

What to Do When You Think You Might Be Injured by Keith Scott

Virtual Bench Press Seminar by Jim Wendler

Lessons from the Dead Zone by Dave Tate

My Daughter’s Ignition by Mike Boyle

Qualities of Experts That We Should All Possess by Mike Reinold

One of my favorite glute builders by Chad Waterbury

The 11 Bodypart Split by Chris Colucci

The Oil Crisis by Sean Hyson

John Romaniello interviews Tucker Max

Fitcast Episode 248 with Tony Gentilcore

5 More Hacks to Reinvigorate Your Training by Charles Staley

4 Reasons the Game Is Always Changing in the Fitness Industry by Eric Cressey

In Pursuit of Great Coaching by Mike Robertson

Deadlift Problems? Try These Two Variations by Nia Shanks

What They Said Doesn’t Matter by Ross Enamait

If You Want to Be Strong, You Must Be Tough by Mark Reifkind

No Distractions by Pavel Tsatsouline

How to Make the Deadlift Incredibly Effective by Dean Somerset

8 Rules For Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain by Kellie Davis

Why Are We Breathing Inefficiently? By Miguel Aragoncillo

One Girl’s Trash is Another Girl’s Trigger by Kaila Prins

December Bulk Fest by Jon Erik Kawamoto

Developing Requisite Competencies by Patrick Ward

What I Think About When I Talk About Training by Jon Goodman

Competition Breeds Success by Tony Bonvechio

How to Breed Talent by Andreas Wochtl

Pre-Holiday Vacation Workout from Eric Falstrault

How to Hip Hinge and Progress to a Deadlift by Rich Thaw

Alli McKee shares an instrumental playlist

Kettlebell Anti-Rotation Swings from Coach Dos

Letter to a Client by Emily Giza Socolinsky

The Ultimate Guide to Turning Yourself On by Roger Lawson

A Photo Speaks a Thousand Words by Emily Giza Socolinsky

That’s all for this week. Let’s connect on Twitter and Facebook, and have a great rest of the weekend!