Elbow-Friendly Triceps Exercise: Sliding Bodyweight Triceps Extensions

Posted on by Ben Bruno

Today I’d like to share a great elbow-friendly triceps exercise with you that—as per usual with me—I don’t know what to call, so I’ll go with sliding bodyweight triceps extensions.

Here it is.

I came to these because one of my online training clients has been dealing with persistent elbow pain that has prevented him from doing any real direct triceps work—especially extension-type movements (i.e. skullcrushers, etc).

I’ve experienced the same thing myself in the past, and I’ve always found that the exercises that piss the triceps off the most are the ones where there’s a high degree of elbow flexion, and also the ones where the grip plays a major role. So I started thinking of a way to eliminate the grip and minimize elbow flexion, and voila, here’s what I’ve come up with.

I first thought of regular bodyweight triceps extensions because it eliminates the need to grip anything, but the problem there is that there’s still a lot of elbow flexion and my client said they still bugged his elbow.

By adding in the sliders, however, you can slide your hands forward on the eccentric so the arm doesn’t flex past 90 degrees.

My client can do these with no pain, so that’s pretty sweet.

These are a lot harder than they look though so it’s not just for injured folk. They’re really for anyone looking to blast their triceps with something challenging and something different.

As an added bonus, I’ve noticed that my abs are actually a bit sore the day after doing them, which makes sense when you look at it because it’s similar to an ab wheel rollout or bodysaw type movement. I didn’t think of that when I was first doing them, but I’ll take it because I’m always down to kill two birds with one stones, especially since I don’t particularly like training arms or core that much.

Start with your feet on the floor in pushup position with your hands on a pair of sliders. From there, maintain a plank-like position with your torso and slide your hands out until your forearms touch the floor. Pause for a second (you don’t have to pause, but it makes it harder/better) and return to the starting position. The further out you slide, the more it’ll involve the core and the more you’ll limit elbow flexion, but don’t go so far that you start to overarch your lower back.

If you need more of a challenge, elevate your feet and/or add a weight vest. They’re a lot harder than they look though, so bear that in mind.

Give them a shot and let me know what you think. Please also remember to subscribe to my You Tube page for more videos and sign up for my free newsletter above.

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Have a good weekend!

  • demigod

    I am one of those lifters suffering from similar elbow issues and even though this exercise seems awesome, it didn’t feel much better than bw tricep extensions or skullcrushers. I personally get the least irritation from overhead pressing.

  • Jaqued

    And people thought I was crazy for wearing socks on my hands. My therapist mainly. She also says I have a preoccupation with vengeance – we’ll see about that….

  • http://www.facebook.com/callie.durbrow Callie Durbrow

    This is really cool Ben, gonna give these a try. Thanks for the video, very cool exercise.