Total Backside Blitz

Posted on by Ben Bruno

I want to check in quickly and share an exercise I’ve been doing a lot and loving. It’s a pullup, inverted row, and hip thrust all in one, so I call it a pullup-inverted row-hip thrust combo. Brilliant, I know.

I’ve shared it before actually, but at the time I was just starting out with them and I’ve since figured out to progress it to make it even better, and it has become a mainstay in my program so I want to bring it back up.

Here it is.

And here’s the single leg version, which is hard as hell but kicks serious butt—literally.

As you can see from the videos, it smokes the entire back side of the body from feet to neck, giving you a huge bang for your buck. It’s easy on the lower back too, so it doesn’t beat you up. I’m all about exercises with high muscle loading with minimal joint loading, so this right up my alley. I’m doing them 1-2 times a week to supplement my other more intensive posterior chain work.

I’ve also started adding external load to make them more challenging. Adding weight vests increases the difficulty of the pullup/row portion while draping chains over the waist increases the difficulty for the glutes and hamstrings.

I’ll admit that these pretty freakin’ goofy, but give them a try before you write them off because I think you might be pleasantly surprised—meaning your posterior chain will hate you.

They’re tough though, so make sure you can knock out at least 5 chin-ups and 12 bodyweight hip thrusts before trying them.

Gotta run, so that’s all for now. Enjoy!

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  • George

    You could also use hip belt squat device to really add loading to the hip thrust component (as the weight could be dangling below your hips. Or bands attatch to floor and a dipping belt. Great exercise! Like a low load deadlift but emphasising end range hip extension.

  • Michael Zweifel

    Do you think you would get more hamstring and glute activation if you put your heel up on the box instead of on the edge? Also this might help the box not slide a little bit. You might lose some gastroc action, but just wondering your thoughts. Very cool idea though, thanks!