The Swole Quotient

Posted on by Ben Bruno

I have something I’d like to share: the swole quotient.

The idea behind the swole quotient started on Wednesday when I had a new article come out on T-Nation (which you can read here). In the comments, someone commented that I look much more jacked than I did when I started writing for T-Nation about a year and a half ago.

It’s funny because I’ve heard that a couple times recently, but I’ve been exactly the same weight for the past couple years, and recently I had someone test my bodyfat and that was the same too. So I’m not sure how that works, but I joked that I guess my swole quotient has improved.

Swole quotient is your swoleness to bodyweight ratio.

Put another way: Swole quotient=Swoleness/Bodyweight

Swoleness is a combination of several different things, not limited to but including:

– Subjective levels of jackeditude, swag, and overall badasssery

-Bodyfat (lower is better)

-Strength Levels

So if you improve in any of those three areas, your overall swole quotient improves. This gives you some leeway to work on different facets of your swoleness as you see fit. Feel me?

The swole quotient gives people something to strive for if they want to get more awesome but don’t necessarily want to increase their bodyweight or get bigger. It’s not just relative strength or not just appearance based; it’s the total package, which in turn levels the playing field for dudes of all sizes.

I’m still working out in my head what the female equivalent should be. Any suggestions?

So there you have it: the swole quotient.

Have fun with it, and feel free to steal as you please.


P.S. Cheesy mirror cell phone pics decrease your swole quotient immensely, so bear that in mind.

  • Brandon Smitley

    For females it has to involve booties, boobs, lifting, and sexiness in a dress to some degree 🙂 Hope you can figure something out from there!

    • Ben Bruno

      I think I’m going to call it the sexy quotient. I just need to figure out how to calculate it (after I figure out how to calculate the swole quotient)! Creating formulas is tougher than it sounds 🙂

  • Tim Henriques

    Damn it Ben, I wanted an actual formula!

    • Ben Bruno

      Tim, I’ll work on it! Thanks 🙂

  • Sol Orwell

    I feel this is appropriate here:

    It’s a safe place.

    • Ben Bruno


  • Cyndie Sohl Katz

    Love this. Actually think it’s the soul quotient, when the inner person is shining out, but swole quotient does sound a lot cooler. Take care, C