Landmine Reverse Lunges

Posted on by Ben Bruno

Today I want to share Landmine Reverse Lunges.

Basically, hold the barbell (attached to the landmine, or this case the Extreme Core Trainer) in one hand and take a big step back with the same side leg as the arm holding the barbell. Like so:

I like this exercise a lot because the barbell helps function as a counterbalance allowing you to be able to take a bigger step back than you’d otherwise be able to with most standard loading methods. This, in turn, allows for a vertical tibia, which puts less stress on the knee joint. For those of us with knee issues, that’s very appealing.

If you try keep a vertical tibia in a regular lunge, it’s extremely difficult.

Moreover, this variation provides contralateral offset loading, which helps to increase hip, core, and pelvic stability while also helping to building grip strength since you’re holding the fat end of the barbell.

The offset loading will want to tilt you, so make sure to stay stable. Also be sure to control the reps and not just plop down. I like to pause each rep for a split second at the bottom, but that’s up to you.

I wouldn’t load up the bar with too much weight because it can be tricky to have heavy loads so far out in front of your body. If you find yourself unable to keep a relatively level torso, the weight is too heavy. If you have a weighted vest, you can wear that to increase the difficulty without having to add more weight to the bar.

If you don’t have an Extreme Core Trainer, just put a barbell in a corner with a heavy dumbbell over the tip to keep it in place.

So there you have it. Give it a shot and let me know your thoughts. I give it two thumbs up, and so does Borat.

For more videos, check out my You Tube channel, and if you missed this weekend’s Good Reads, give that a scour too.

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    Great modification Ben!