Good Reads: 4/7/2012

Posted on by Ben Bruno

Well, it’s the weekend already, and that means it’s time for another edition of Good Reads.

With this being Easter Weekend, I guess that makes this an extra special edition. With over 75 articles, I think that qualifies as special.

Speaking of Easter… Before I get to the entire list of articles, I want to remind you that Dean Somerset’s Post Rehab Essentials is on sale for the rest of the week and is more than half off the regular price, so check it out and see what you think. Find more info here.

You can read my review in yesterday’s post.

Ok, here are some of my posts you may have missed during the week.

Random Thoughts

Batwing Row/Rear Delt Fly Combo

Single Leg Barbell Glute Bridges

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 76

And now for the best of the rest. Enjoy!

Playing B-Ball with Obama by Ben Nemtin

Quick Tips on Strength and Conditioning by Mike Boyle

Pressing Considerations For the Older Lifter, Part 4 by Smitty Diesel

My Favorite Upper Body Lift by Jim Wendler

How Frequently Can I Work Out Without Overtraining by Jason Ferruggia

Having Your Period, Part 1 by Sean Hyson

Intermittent Fasting and Muscle Gain by Brad Pilon

The 5 Most Dangerous Food Myths by Adam Bornstein

Foot Positions in the Squat by Charlie Weingroff

How to Get What You Want by Martin Rooney

Evidence Based Coaching by Bret Contreras

Yes, Even Parenting Is a Q Activity by Dan John

A Few Candid Thoughts on Women and Training by Tony Gentilcore

Food as Medicine by Mike Reinold

1 Arm RKC Plank by Shon Grosse

Strong Fixes Everything by Mike Baltren

Interview with Jen Comas Keck

The 5 Best Quotes Ever Uttered By Strength and Conditioning Professionals by Bret Contreras

Jim Wendler QA

Jim Wendler QA #2

Are You a Supersoaker or a Starfish? by Adrian Crowe

Should We Train the Rectus Abdominus? by Mike Robertson

Are You Willing to Put in the Work? by Eric Cressey

Train Around Lower Body Pain by Mike Robertson

Basic Muscle Building For Hard Gainers by Chris Smith

Chain Triceps Extensions by Jason Ferruggia

5 Training Lessons from Wrestlemania 28

15 Commandments for the Big 3 Lifts by Todd Bumgardner

Protraction and Retraction During Rowing Movements by Greg Robbins

3 Principles of Program Design by Jamie Smith

Molly Galbraith talks about Kroc rows

When Training Can’t Help by Dean Somerset

Tony Gentilcore shows Zercher good mornings

Safety Bar Front Squats by Molly Galbraith

Critical Mass by Carla Birnberg

Deadlift Assistance 911

Letting Go of the Fat Los Mindset by Nia Shanks

Your Cardio Makes No Sense by Eric Auciello

How to Hard Boil and Peel an Egg Without Destroying It by Kellie Davis

7 Core Exercises For the End of Your Workouts by Kellie Davis

Geeky Friday by Bojan Kostevski

Eat Like a Hockey Player, Not a Supermodel by Maria Mountain

Women’s Self Image by Kiefer John

Can You Load It? by Greg Robins

Lee Boyce debunks some big muscle-building myths

The Moat and the Spine by Kyle Newell

The Booty Factors by Eirik Sandvik

Are You Driven? By Dave Tate

Banana Bread Recipe from Jen Comas Keck

The Origins of the 242 Method by Anthony Mychal

The Philosophy of the 242 Method by Anthony Mychal

Scapular Stability for the Bench Press by Matt Siniscalchi

Shoulder Rehabilitation…Another Piece of the Puzzle by David Leyland

Sports-Specific Training by Eirik Forlie

Training for Mass vs. Power by Stevo Reed

Straight Bar vs. Trap Bar Deadlifts Part 2 by Stevo Reed

Why Diet? by Kelsey Reed

Building the Developmental Athlete: Lessons from Gymnastics and Dance by Duncan Ogilvie

Duncan Ogilvie on developing hip mobility

Considerations for coaching young athletes by Julie Gooderick

Food for thought from Brendon Rearick

Building Variety in Your Diet by Tyler English

Personal Training as a Sacred Cow by Taylor Simon

8 Things You Should Know When Starting a Boot Camp by Charlotte Loa

Thoughts on Tempo by Harold Gibbons

Arm Training by Tyler English

Top 11 Fitness Articles of All Time by Elsbeth Vaino

Marianne Kane shares her training log

Sweet Potato Baking Experiments by Neghar Fonooni

Unbalanced Core Exercises for Better Health and Performance by David Lasnier

That’s it for today. Have a great weekend and a Happy Easter!

  • Mel

    It is so great that you put this list together!! It is such a fantastic idea and another thing that sets you apart from the rest!:) Thank you ! This list is always much appreciated!

    • Ben Bruno

      Thanks Mel!

  • Anthony Mychal

    Ben, doing this kind of list takes so much time haha. I’m amazed you have the motivation to stick with it, but as you know, hugely appreciate making the cut some weeks and can’t thank you enough.

    • Ben Bruno

      You’re welcome man