Good Fitness Reads For the Week: 3/10/2012

Posted on by Ben Bruno

I am in a rush this morning so I’m going to skip the commentary and just share this week’s list of awesome fitness reads from the past week.

Here are some posts you may have missed during the week.

The Myth of In-Season “Maintenance” Training

Dumbbell Floor Press with Glute Bridge

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Take 72

Good Reads from last week

And here are the best of the rest. Enjoy!

You Don’t Have to Be a Loser by Yours Truly

Interview by Dr. Stuart McGill by Chad Waterbury

5 Reasons to Be Excited About the Future of the Fitness Industry by Eric Cressey

The Decision That Could Change Your Health by Adam Bornstein

Your Crumbling Y Chromosome by TC Luoma

A New Take on 5 Things by Lee Boyce

Strength and Conditioning Research by Bret Contreras

Core Stability From the Inside Out by Hans Lindgren

Dissecting Muscle Function: Force Output by Kevin Neeld

Dissecting Muscle Function: Influence by Kevin Neeld

What I Learned About Training At My Summer Job by Jason Ferruggia

Interview with Bret Contreras

Back Specialization Training Program by John Romaniello

50 Renegade Nutrition Rules by Jason Ferruggia

Fitness Flashback by John Romaniello

Excellence: Nature vs. Nurture by Mike Boyle

Why the Rock? by Mike Boyle

Lift Like a Girl by Nia Shanks

Moving On Up: The Jefferson Deadlift by Jen Sinkler

Does Exercise Induced Muscle Damage Play a Role in Skeletal Muscle Hypertrophy? By Brad Schoenfeld

Iron Evolution: Phase 8 by Dave Tate

The Overhead Press by Charles Poliquin

Monitoring Central Nervous System Recovery by Charles Poliquin

Add Front Squats to Your Workouts to Get Stronger by Charles Poliquin

Figure 8 Rotational Med Ball Shotput by Eric Cressey

Breathing and Soft Tissue Tension by Patrick Ward

5 Quick Tips to Increase Strength by Tony Gentilcore

Bang Out 100 Pushups by Sean Hyson

The Art of the Deload and Listening to Your Body by Molly Galbraith

Foolishness Is Just a Click Away by Lee Boyce

Micro Cases by Shon Grosse

Foxes, Hedgehogs, and Lonesome Polecats by Dan John

Interview with Joel Jamieson

Doing More With Less by Matt Carlson

March Q+A by Alwyn Cosgrove

No Excuses by Rachel Cosgrove

Too Much Of a Good Thing by Neghar Fonooni

Steak Chili by Neghar Fonooni

Opening the Pecs by Kevin Carr

The Jackedthlete: Aerobic Work That Doesn’t Suck by Anthony Mychal

Weightlifting Academy Episode 4 by Nick Horton

Love, Without the Handles by Jen Comas Keck

(Strength) Coach Wooden by Mike Baltren

2 Triple Threat Pushup Workout Protocols by Nick Tumminello

How to Get Motivated to Exercise by Marianne Kane

Marianne Kane shares her training journal

How Much Should You Read? by Mark Young

How Deep Should You Squat? by Matt Siniscalchi

Trap Bar Goodness by Michael Ranfone

No, You Can’t Pick My Brain by Adrienne Graham

So You Want to Run Your Own Business by Taylor Simon

Fascia and Its Role In Making You a Pain-Free Beast by Dean Somerset

Fixing the Problem: 3 Simple Fixes For Common Issues by Scott Hansen

Iron: Friend or Foe? by Anthony Donskov

Detailing a Complete Training System by David Lasnier

Meal Time Fun Time by Roger Lawson

Crash Course: Anderson Squats by Chris Smith

A Little Deadlift Experiment, Part 1 by Stevo Reed

Pick Up Heavy Things by Kelsey Reed

Hip Thrust/Pull/Row Combo by Eirik Forlie

Workout Wednesday with Sirena Bernal

Front Squats and SLDLs: Bringing Up Weak Links by Harold Gibbons

Cacao Chip Meal Replacement Bars by Jen Comas Keck

Strength Coach Podcast Episode 98

JC and Rog Law Podcast Episode 2

The Fitcast Episode 231

Interview with Dr. Kyle Kiesel

Interview with Joel Jamieson

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Have a great weekend!

  • Alex Hampton

    Good stuff as always mate

  • Vilen V.

    I must thank you for being such a busy reader. Most of the articles are always worth reading, and it saves so much time and effort that probably would be wasted when I don’t have to search these from allover the net. Nice reads once again, it helps alot on self-education and improvement.