Goal Setting Question

Posted on by Ben Bruno

Earlier in the week, I posed a simple question: What is the biggest thing holding you back from your fitness goals?

I got a lot of great responses. I don’t mean “great” in the sense that they were good, because frankly, it was a lot of excuses, but great in the sense that it really got me thinking, and I hope it did the same for you. It’s hard to look at where we’re falling short, but it’s so important.

So today I want to ask a follow-up question:

What are two tangible steps you can take to overcome the biggest obstacle holding you back?

As long as you feel comfortable, please make your responses on my Facebook fitness page or in the comments below so everyone can see and learn from them. I appreciate the e-mails I got, but I think people will get more out of it if you share it.

I’m curious to see what y’all come up with.

  • http://www.anthonyjyeung.com/ Anthony J. Yeung

    A previous lower back strain would be one of the biggest things holding me back from my fitness goals. My first tangible step would be improve my mobility, especially in my hip and thoracic spine. That would include a lot of dynamic movements, self-myofasical therapy, and even some static stretches! My second step would be to reteach my body how to move correctly — in that, I’m thinking more in activation exercises for my core and glutes. Stuff like band work, stability exercises, waiter walks, etc etc. I need to get the right muscles firing at the right time.

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