Single Leg Squat Stand

Posted on by Ben Bruno

Several months ago I posted several videos of myself doing rear foot elevated split squats with my back leg on funky Single Leg Squat Stand . I got a bunch of inquiries about what it was and where people could get it, but I sort of evaded the questions because it actually wasn’t available to the public yet. We have been testing them for a while and giving feedback on how to improve them, and now they are available for purchase from Perform Better.

You can check them out HERE.

There intended purpose is primarily for rear foot elevated split squats, and we’ve found that most people find it much more comfortable than using a bench. Like this.

Actually though, I have been playing around with using them for single leg shoulder and hip elevated hip thrusters, and I really like them for those too. It allows for a big range of motion and a comfortable base for your feet (I like them barefoot best because your toes can grip the pad).

The ones available for purchase are actually better than the one I’m using in the videos because there is a space cut out for an Airex Pad (also a good idea to have for a variety of exercises) and it is a bit more stable.

If you’ve been doing rear foot elevated split squats but have had trouble getting comfortable with the back leg, this might be something to look into. I think they actually on sale right now too, which is never a bad thing. Again, you can get it HERE.

  • chase

    Ben. I saw another coach using something similar but with adjustable heights to accommodate the different heights of athletes. You probably have seen that video and know what am talking about. But this one is a lot cheaper.

    • Ben Bruno

      Hey chase, I have seen the adjustable one. We’ve found most athletes are fine with this, and like you said, it’s cheaper. If you needed it for much shorter athletes or clients, I might go with the adjustable, but for anyone over 5’3″ this is good.

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