Goblet Walking Lunges

Posted on by Ben Bruno

Today will be a very short post because I don’t have a lot of time, but I wanted to share a cool exercise variation that I tried out this week and liked quite a bit. It’s Goblet Walking Lunges, which is a pretty simple idea that I can’t believe I didn’t try sooner. I’ve thought about doing it on occasion but just never got around to it. Walking lunges are definitely on the short list of my favorite lower body exercises, and the goblet hold is also another favorite of mine, so it’s a logical combination. I tried to get a video but it was too shaky to see clearly, but I was able to salvage this clip to show you how it should look.

The biggest issue I see with people doing weighted walking lunges with dumbbells or a barbell on the back is the tendency to lean way forward, sometimes almost to the point of falling over. Loading the weight anteriorly helps ensure that you maintain upright to avoid dropping the dumbbell. The obvious problem with the goblet load is that for stronger individuals it’s hard to load enough. I rectified this a little bit by wearing some heavy weighted vests, but I realize not everyone has that luxury. I still think it could be a good finisher at the end of a lower body workout that will also smoke your core.

Raising the center of gravity increases the difficulty, meaning you’ll need less weight than you’d need holding dumbbells at your sides, so for a lot of people loading will not be an issue. Your quads, glutes, and abs will be screaming after a few sets of these.

After trying them out I think I may actually experiment with walking lunges with a front squat grip to see how that works: similar idea to the goblet hold but more loading potential. Who knows how that will work, but it certainly never hurts to try.

Give the Goblet lunges a shot and let me know you like them.

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  • http://twitter.com/RidgwayBraden Braden Ridgway

    Just wanted to say thanks for all the single leg stuff you have been doing recently. Really awesome stuff. I’ve been struggling with a shoulder injury and hamstring injuries for about two years now. I used single leg stuff as assistance and loved my big squats but that external rotation wasn’t best for the shoulder. Your single leg stuff helped me see the light that I could adequately load my legs to achieve the results I wanted and mainly that I could continue to train for my own sanity, whilst improving my shoulder and hamstrings. I fell in love with the goblet squat all over again too! I’m sure to give this a go.

    • Ben Bruno

      Thanks for the message, Braden. I’m really glad you’ve found something that works for you, and glad I could help in some small way. Keep up the good work!

  • http://dashofmeg.wordpress.com/ Meg

    I tried these today and loved it 😀 Thank you

    • Ben Bruno

      Glad you like them Meg, and thanks for the message!