Slide Your Way to a Better Backside

Posted on by Ben Bruno

The more I use the slideboard, the more I like it. Today I tried an exercise for the posterior chain called the bodycurl. It is similar to a slideboard leg curl, only rather than having your body stationary and sliding, you have your feet stationary and slide your body. It does not look like it would be very difficult, and before trying it out I admit that I was skeptical how effective it would be, but I definitely felt it a lot in my hamstrings and glutes. The cool thing about the slideboard is that your encounter resistance on both the concentric and eccentric: pushing away is just as hard as pulling in. As such, you keep constant tension on the muscles. You also have to stayed in a bridged position for the entire set, which really works the glutes. Plates can also be added to provide more friction and greater resistance. Here is what it looks like in action.

For a point of reference, you can compare the bodycurl to the more common slideboard leg curl.

To be honest, both variations feel very similar to me, but it never hurts to have more tools in the toolbox. I think both can be used effectively to strengthen the glutes and hamstrings and can be a great option when you are looking for something that does not stress the lower back. If you do not have a slideboard, you can create the same training effect using furniture movers or a Valslide, or even using a towel on a wooden floor. Try these out for yourself and see what you think. I warn you though, your backside will be sore. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  • kutt3r

    How would you compare these to GHR's Ben?

  • Ben Bruno

    Kutt- Good connection. Both the slideboard leg curl and bodycurl are actually quite similar to the GHR. They are a similar movement pattern, with both hip extension and knee flexion. It is also similar in that there is a high level of tension during both the concentric and eccentric. In terms of diffciulty, it is hard to say because there are so many different variations of the GHR out there. I think they are both great exercises that can be progressed to be quite difficult or regressed to be fairly simple, and they both put minimal stress on the lower back.

  • o shah

    so would you then say that sliding bodycurls are a progression of sliding leg curls? thanks ben.